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Treat Bluff Kennels, Laura Adaline Creative Designs, affordable website design

Treat Bluff Kennels, my first website, was created for my parents, Darrell and Katrina Treat, who run a small business on their family farm selling hypoallergenic shepadoodle puppies. They are a very small business, and their "breeder" dogs are really just their pets, so they wanted a fun website that accentuated that they were small and family-oriented. They also needed the capability to send invoices from their site, which you'll notice if you browse around.

Vienna First United Methodist Church, Laura Adaline Creative Designs, affordable website design, churches in vienna il

Vienna First United Methodist Church is my home church. We wanted a website that communicated our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We also wanted our website to be friendly and inviting for any visitors. You'll notice to achieve that, there are pages dedicated to welcoming visitors as well as pages that make it easy to get in contact with our church. After visiting our church website, someone who has never attended our church before should be able to have a feel for exactly what our church is about.

Bailey Monument Company is a local business in Vienna, Illinois, that focuses on selling personalized monuments, usually to commermorate the life of a loved one. They wanted a website that would showcase the many options a customer has for personalizing a monument to make it truly unique, while also providing a nature-themed, aesthetically pleasing website.

Lawrence and Bean Insurance Agency is a local business in Vienna, Illinois, that sells every type of insurance a person could need. They wanted a simple yet efficient website that would explain the different types of coverage they offered while also making it clear that they were a personable business dedicated to serving their clients. 

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