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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a website for my small business/church/other group?

Honestly, yes. Whether you use my services or not, you truly should consider a web presence for your organization, regardless of what type of institution you have. I'm of the "twenty-somethings" generation, and I promise you, when I need information, I turn straight to Google. Not having a website is the 20th-century equivalent of not being listed in your phone book. When my husband and I are on vacation and are deciding where to go to church, we use Google to find local churches and look at their websites to see what church looks friendliest. (If we didn't already have a home church, that's how we'd search for a permanent home church as well.) When I look for businesses, I search them on Google to compare as well, and I often find myself questioning the integrity/legitimacy of businesses that have no internet presence. 

Where are your generic website templates?

I don't have any. Each website I make is tailored specifically to your vision for your website. I'm simply the tool you'll use to convert your idea to a website. We'll discuss what you want in a website, and I'll custom-design it just for you.

The advertisement on this website says I can use Wix and make a site for free. Why don't I just do that?

You can make a website on Wix for free. If you feel comfortable doing that, by all means, go ahead! It's quite enjoyable once you get the hang of it. If you don't have time for that, or don't feel comfortable using the builder, then I'm here to help.

How much does having a website cost?

You can all of that information on the pricing page

Will my website be safe? What happens if it gets hacked?

All of my websites are hosted through Wix, which has safeguards in place to protect your identity. I have never experienced issues with this. The only person who has the password to edit your website other than you is me, so as long as you keep your password secret, you're set.

Will my website be one of those sites that looks really bad on a cell phone?

A large majority of internet users access websites from their phones or tablets. For each website I design, I create a version that looks best on a desktop as well as a version that is optimized for mobile viewing. (You might notice that this website looks slightly different on a desktop as opposed to your mobile device, or vice versa.)

Can I sell things on my website?

Yes! We'll just need to discuss how you want to handle that. Treat Bluff Kennels sends out invoices and deals with payments that way since puppies are one-of-a-kind. If you have a more "standard" product (example: monogrammed wreaths) we can set it up to where a client could buy something straight from the website!

Is this tax-deductible?

Web design counts as advertising, so yes, this is entirely tax-deductible. (This is also a great place for a shameless plug for my mother, Katrina Treat, who does a phenomenal job professionally doing taxes if you're in need of someone who knows what they're doing!)

Will I be on Google?

Yes. Wix, the web-design program I use, has options for search engine optimization, which is what gets your name on Google. You can set up your options so you can be found in multiple ways. For example, Googling "Treat Bluff Kennels" will take you to my mother's page. However, you can also Google search "shepadoodle breeder" and find her that way as well. We'll discuss what works best for your website.

Do you draw any designs yourself? I need you to draw me something.

I lack any sort of ability to draw at all, so no, I can't hand draw a logo or any other designs for you. Trust wouldn't want me to draw you anything. 

Where do you get all these images at?

As an English teacher, I'm adamant about citing my sources and giving credit where it is due. All images used on my website are either photos I've taken myself, or are licensed through the no attribution area of the Creative Commons. This means that none of my images plagiarize anyone else's intellectual property. With a website from Laura Adaline Creative Designs, you'll never have to worry about someone sending you an angry e-mail that you stole their picture, because I refuse to plagiarize anyone else's intellectual property. (Please don't ask me to do so.)

I have a question that you didn't answer!

No worries. Just send me an e-mail and I'll be happy to help you.

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