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Hosting & Domain Pricing

Hosting and domain pricing covers paying for your internet address, as well as any other add-on tools you might like to have for your website. You can find Wix's pricing guide for hosting and domain purchase by clicking here.


It is possible to skip this step entirely. By using the website TinyUrl, you can create a URL that goes to your website for free. For example, the link  to my parents' old website used to be They didn't have to pay for domain hosting when they used this link. However, if your website is free, it will have the two small ads that you see on my page. (Since this is not my primary business, I have opted not to pay a subscription fee.)

In the end, you'll need to choose what works best for you. All payment for hosting and domain goes straight to Wix, not me, so if you need an impartial voice to help you decide, I'll be happy to do that.

Note: Hosting & Domain pricing are only relevant to clients looking to create a website. It is not needed for those just looking to create images.

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