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Design Pricing

Design pricing covers what you're paying me to make your vision a reality. Payment for designs is a one-time fee that you pay me for the creation of your product.

I charge $500 for the creation of a standard-sized website, which includes up to fifteen pages within the website. (My website you are viewing now has twelve pages to give you an idea of size.) When I design a website, it comes with a banner and all the buttons you'll need, so you will not have to pay any additional fees for those. This price represents a one-time charge for the creation of your website. If you need me to continue maintaining your website, we will discuss a price based on what you need from me. (For example, updating your website quarterly would cost far less than updating your website weekly.)

If you need a website larger than my standard size of fifteen pages, we will need to discuss pricing individually. We will discuss the number of pages you need before I even begin designing, and I will give you a price before any work is done so you can determine whether you find the price acceptable. Whatever price I give you will be my only offer, so if you do not find it desirable, we'll amicably part ways and all will be fine.

If you need a tiny website (five or less pages), I charge $350. If you need more than five pages, the pricing goes up to the standard sized prices. As with the standard sized website, all your buttons, headers, and footers are considered part of this price.

If you only need an image design, please send me an e-mail detailing what your vision is, and I will send you back a price. Though the price of images varies based on what you need, none of my images cost more than $25. (A typical social media banner would cost $10, for example.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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